Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick of Treat

Hey everyone, Happy Halloween. The municipalities in my area designate one evening for trick or treating and it was Thursday. I purchased two bags of candy for the occasion. I had a grand total of one trick or treater, I repeat, only one trick or treater. Sad part, I have no clue who the trick or treater was or how they were dressed since I never got to see the ghost or goblin. This is what happened: I went out the backdoor, walked around a bush to the front door and knocked, I ran back around the house, jumped the bush, ran inside and opened the front door, but no one was there. Ran out the backdoor (jumped over the bush) and stood at the front door and said, "trick or treat", went back around the house (jumped over the bush) ran into the house, opened the door and no one was there! I figured, someone was playing a prank so to be safe, I placed a piece of candy on the porch floor, closed the door, locked it, ran out the backdoor, (jump over the bush) to the front door and picked-up one lousy piece of candy! Come on, it should have been at least two pieces.


  1. Bwahahahahaha! I totally pictured you doing this in my head. Too funny! I love that graveyard and creepy tree stamp! :O)


  2. love the colours on this creation and the image is fab as was reading the post
    have a great weekend
    Kate x

  3. Don't eat all that candy at
    Great card today!!

  4. You are too funny, Tammy! The trick or treaters in your neighborhood really missed out by not stopping at your house!!

    Love this deep purple Halloween night with its big yellow moon!!

  5. Pretty card! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors.....spooky and cute at the same time.

  6. Love you story about the tricker treater Tammy. Sounds like they were playing tricks. I laughed and almost forgot to look at your card. I went back and did look and of course, it's wonderful

  7. Too funny...but quite a beautiful card!!! I love the purple!!! :) Next year, you should hide IN the bush and try to jump out and scare the person at your door!!!!

  8. You are a trip! Sounds like the trick or treating we do around here - we live so remotely that we get away with one little bag of candy BUT we buy enough to feed the USMC just in case!! LOL After all that work at least you got something!



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