Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ted Tight End

I know zilch, zero, nada about football, and I have no desire to learn. The only thing that vaguely sparks any interest for me is the colors of the uniform of the various teams. Even though I am not an enthusiast, that doesn't stop me from the merriments of being an Eagles fan! To show my support, I used Ted Tight End one of the new releases from Bonibleaux Designs

Fly Eagles fly!


  1. This would look so much better in Green and Gold! Go Packers! LOL

    JK I love the way you created the entire field and the ticket is the perfect shape for the sentiment.

  2. I know nothing about American football either but what I do know is...your card is terrific! Touchdown!!!

  3. Ditto, I know nothing about English football either and don't wish to know thank you very much. Your card is fab I love Ted and the sentiment is brilliant.

    Linda xxx

  4. Fabulous card! Love the coloring on this one - even looks like he got banged up a bit! So cute.
    One thing nice about football - even if you don't know anything about it - you get to see all those cute little buns in the tight uniforms! LOL

  5. Hahahaha! Your sentiment almost made me choke on my water. Great card Tammy!! ~jeni :)

  6. LOL!!! I love this Tammy!! What a clever design!! Yeah baby...I'm ready for some football!!!! :)

  7. Your card is too funny, girl!!! I'll just pretend it's NOT the Eagles. Can't have any respect for an organization that just signed Michael Vick to a million dollar contract after what he did to those dogs. :(

  8. The sentiment sounds like my DH...LOL!!! Ted looks like he really means business....he is just tooo cute!!!!!

  9. Very cute card-- he looks like he's really.... straining....
    Very very good (I'm laughing at the look on his face).
    And the background paper!! Love it!


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