Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weightlifter Wayne

On the first Wednesday of each month, Dude Time Doodles Challenge hosts a sketch challenge and this month there is an easy sketch but oh my goodness the prizes! Patti's Creations is offering 3 images and Creative Inspirations is offering 10 jars of paint. Instead of one lucky person, there will be two.  The sketch is simple:

  • You will have one week to flip the Sketch, twist the Sketch, work the Sketch and submit the Sketch.
  • You are not required to use Bonibleaux Designs Digis although it would make us really really happy and giggle a lot if you did!
  • MUST be a masculine themed card, you can use humor, innuendo, be a little naughty, sarcastic, but it has got to be for a DUDE!
  • Be sure to use the InLinkz below to submit your creation
I get enough exercise pushing my luck!

To complete the sketch, I used Weightlifter Wayne from Bonibleaux Designs.

Wayne was glancing through the back pages of a girly magazine and noticed an ad enticing him to build his muscles so the bullies would not kick sand in his face while snoozing on the beach this summer. All he had to do was spend a ton of money on "special", "one of a kind" exercise equipment and he would become the hunk-a-hunk that he envisioned. Poor dude, has a long, long way to go and let's face it, he doesn't have the right attitude as you can tell from the Sassy Say'n by Marlooney, sentiment on the inside of the card. But, we must give him credit for trying. You go Wayne!

Now you have it. For more inspiration check out the blogs of my fellow Dude Time Doodles team mates located on my sidebar. And don't forget, the winners will be announced at Dude Time Doodles on February 9th.

P.S.  Hallelujah! Punxsutawney Phil, the only true weather forecasting groundhog, did NOT see his shadow which means we will have an early spring! Thank you Phil. 


  1. What fun Tammy!
    Pushing your luck, that's great!

  2. This is a fun image and fun card Tammy.

  3. oh I should not laugh but this so reminds me of my son, tall and gangly but with no meet on the bones and definitely no muscles

    Love it
    Kate x

  4. How do you come up with this stuff so fast???
    However, I did go and get some Dude Time Doodles (just haven't colored them yet- are you surprised?)

    So cool, Tammy!

  5. LOL This image makes me smile! Here in Wisconsin, we are destined to have 6 more weeks of winter regardless if Phil sees his shadow or not! LOL Glad it will come your way soon! :)

  6. Love these bright yellows! Great sentiment with Wayne too.

  7. LOL!! That image is too cute!! Love your colors and what a fabulous take on the sketch sweetie!! TFS! HUGS

  8. I just love your stories with your card! This one is so cute Tammy!

    Love it!


  9. Love this card Tammy! Fun, fun!!

  10. Great card Tammy! He does have quite a long way to go doesn't he? ~jeni :)

  11. Great card! I wonder why he is waiting until now to exercise?

  12. I feel for poor Wayne! That is about how much weight I can lift!!

    Super cute card, Tammy!

  13. Heeheehee....he looks great! And of course, the sentiment is super snarky just like he is! (It's so much fun coming up with sentiments for Boni's for a whole new batch soon!)

  14. Lol, I am sure there are a few of us that have purchased that special one of a kind exercise thingo's hoping to be transformed. So we can definetly relate to Wayne's story! What a fun image and card.

  15. I love the colors on this card! Of course, yellow is my second fav color! I see you used your "black" watermark!

  16. love the colours you've used on this fab card :)

  17. Love it Tammy! And your choice of paper colors is outstanding.

  18. LOVE the stripes and sherbet color LOL Poor Wayne no matter how hard he tries to get muscles the biggest part of his arms are his bony elbows!!!


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