Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From My House to Your House, Hello!

I have several friends that although I don’t see them for various reasons, I still like to let them know I am thinking of them so I send them a card. Today’s card is one I made for just such an occasion.

When I first saw this stamp, I knew immediately that the houses were filled with gnomes. Although you can’t tell from looking at it, these houses are built on a clearing that is deep in the forest and all the male gnomes are out and about while the women folk are home busily preparing their next meal of walnuts, mushrooms, a small potato and peas. For dessert they are serving cherry preserves and their favorite beverage of mead dew (fermented honey). What a happy bunch.


  1. Cute card, I love the story that goes with it. I think I could go for some cherry preserves and mead dew.

  2. What a fun design, Tammy!! I love the cloudy sky behind these delightful houses and grassy hills!
    Sweet rounded corners!!

  3. So cute, as well as the story. :)

  4. I love your story - it makes me laugh reading it b/c I thought only I had stories in my head while I stamp a picture and color it in. :0)

  5. This card is sooo perfect to make some feel warm and at home! Great job on this one!!


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