Monday, April 5, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Remember this game, standing in a circle and someone passing the button then the person in the middle (affectionately known as “it”) had to guess who had the button? Buttons made from bone, horn, wood, metal and seashells were found as far back as the Bronze Age. Simple use of the button did not appear until the 13th century by the Europeans. France became the button capital of Europe and their aristocracy passed laws that limited buttons permitted for common usage. The Church got into the act and denounced them as “the devil’s snare”. To date, the Amish community considers them a sign of pride and do not wear them. So, there you have it and here’s today’s card.


  1. What a sweet spring card, with these delightful button-centered blossoms!! Wonderful work, Tammy!!

    I enjoyed the button lesson as well!!

  2. yes, i remember that game...I had a button fetish for many years..Mom used to look for special buttons for me all the time.

  3. Very cute card!. Love your little flowers and buttons.

  4. What a great card! I love those flowers, they make me want to work in my garden.


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