Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Challenge #9

It is my turn to host Challenge #9 for our blog group. The challenge will run from today through July 4. The entries will be posted July 5 along with a poll to select the winner.

My challenge is to alter designer paper used to make the background. I am posting before and after cards to clarify my challenge.

The first card  is a brand new neighborhood not to far from where the gnomes live and everyone has just moved in. The second card is the same street many years later. The local municipality paved a road, erected streetlights and installed a fire hydrant. The residents planted trees, flowers and scrubs. It was a lovely neighborhood until it was decided to build an airport not too far away. 

At least the sun is still shining. 


  1. Yikes! I am going to have to think on this one, Tammy....TUC, wish me luck!

  2. oh wow!@ I'll have to see what I have in my paper stash! I think I have just the thing!!

    but then I need some mojo!

  3. VERY CUTE! Love how you did that DP.

  4. Great cards! I too will have to think about this one...the next three days are crazy busy so hopefully I'll get a chance to create something over the weekend!

  5. Tricky...very tricky. I love he paper you used...the houses are so adorable. :)

  6. Hmmm! I am also gonna have to think on this one! I might have an idea! Hope I can get a few minutes to stamp this weekend - things have been nuts at work and home :0) Just hoping for a few quiet minutes!

  7. Wow Tammy, a great challenge, I love how all you TUIC girls really add meaning to the word challenge!.

  8. My take on your challenge can be seen on my blog....


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