Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lawrence Lawnmower

Poor, sad Lawrence Lawnmower from Bonibleaux Designs, his wife has locked the doors and windows and won't allow him back into their air-conditioned home until their lawn has been perfectly manicured because her mother is coming for an extended visit. Mother Nature is not cooperating since she has the heat index set at 110 degrees. While Lawrence dreams of his hammock and a cold beer, his darling wife is sitting in the coolness of their well-chilled home feasting on bonbons while adding items to her honey-do list.

Lawrence Lawnmower is one of the eight new images being released today at Dude Time Doodles. As usual, the crafty Dudettes have formed a loop for you to hop around and see all of Bonibleaux Designs' newest images. If you reach here from Linda's blog, your next bounce will be to visit Ginny. If you just started, keep hopping, you will see them all. Don't forget that one of us is this month's mystery hostess so be sure to leave a comment on all the Dudettes' blogs for a chance to win one of the new images. Other important information you should know before you go. Dude Time Doodles First Annual Scavenger Crawl is still taking place. Don't miss out on a chance to win a $20 gift certificate from Dude Time Doodles. Lastly, Halloween images currently in the store go on sale for 50% off starting September 1st! 

Any Occasion

To make a pretty card, you need to start with pretty cardstock such as Paper Temptress Premium Glossy Shamrock Green. Premium glossy cardstock is not compatible with ink jet printers because of its thickness, but for the very same reason, it is a natural for embossing.  To create a focal point I used green embossing powder on Ice Jade Velum and mounted it to more glossy shamrock green finishing  the card with Gold ⅝ Opulence Ribbon.  Since I did not use a sentiment, the card is perfect for any occasion.

On a side note, thank you for your well wishes for me during Hurricane Irene's recent romp. The electric was off for almost twenty-four hours, thank goodness blog posts can be scheduled in advance. Locally, lots of trees were downed and there are still areas without electricity but overall, our area was one of the lucky communities. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy first day of school!

My twin granddaughters are off to their first day of kindergarten today. What a coincidence that its Heather's Headliners, turn to provide inspiration for Writer's Cramp, the new challenge that starts today at Squigglefly. The challenge is to use chalk, pencil, ballpoint pen, highlighter or crayons on your creation or use a school themed image or sentiment. I used Squigglefly's Bonjour by Lynne Stansbery. Need some more inspiration, please visit my fellow Headliners and then, join us, you could be the winner!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet graduate

My sweet, sweet granddaughter recently her Associates Degree. She worked hard but she is now gainfully employed as an echocardiographer.  To express my happiness for  her, I used PaperTemptress' grapesicle cardstock then stamped designer paper to create a card. I am so very proud of her accomplishments and besides, she's a very special young woman.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sorry my post is short but I am busy directing my cabana boys to get everything tied down in case Hurricane Irene decides to visit. I hope everyone stays safe and out of harm's way.

Friday, August 26, 2011


When my children were small, my favorite time of day came after they were all asleep. About the time all my kiddos were bedded down for the night, a little voice would proclaim "mom, I"m thirsty" followed by several "I am too mom". Naturally, within minutes, because each of them had taken a minuscule sip of water, a succession of footsteps could be heard moseying to the bathroom as each  took their turn. 

The look on the face of Bedtime by Stamping Dragon Designs, is not a glimpse of innocence but rather, a motivated plotter scheming to avoid sleep!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I warned them

. . . to have a Happy Birthday!
I tried to warn the folks at Dude Time Doodles when they decided to hold a scavenger crawl to celebrate their first birthday, that if you mix moonshine with music and add a crowd, there are going to problems. True to form, I was right and Mitch Magistrate from Bonibleaux Designs, who is not a happy camper off the bench, was really peeved because he was missing his favorite television programs.  I understand that he issued 143 citations and there are 40 more defendants in the holding tank that haven't regained consciousness. We'll know nine months from now exactly how much damage was really done.

There is plenty of time left to complete the scavenger crawl. Head over to Dude Time Doodles, grab the list and have fun! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dudeville Hollow First Annual Scavenger Crawl

Finally, the day we've been waiting for, Dudeville Hollow's First Annual Scavenger Crawl, held in honor of Dude Time Doodles' first birthday and oh my, so much fixing and fussing, and the admission is free to boot. Although the images are sold separately, the world-renounded Dudeville Jug Band has gathered with Skeeter on the gutbucket, Cletus playing banjo and Jethro Jug swapping between the jug, spoons, stovepipe and kazoo. They will be playing all day under Pavilion "J". And the food, wait until you smell it, possum prepared thirteen different ways, something to please everyone at Pavilion "F" and for the kiddies, there is penny pitch and cow-pie flippin' at Pavilion "K".

If you have been following along the crawl and have arrived from Linda's blog, you're going the right direction. If you just happened to trip over a rock and landed here, you need to first go to Dude Time Doodles and get the list of the items you are to be searching for. Once you have the list, follow the links and when you have completed the crawl and know whose blog each item is found, email your answers to cmm5569@yahoo.com. You have two weeks to complete the crawl. The winner will receive a $20 gift certificate from Bonibleaux Designs, home of all the dudes. 

 While you are moving along, keep your eye out for blog candy being offered by different Dudettes and guests.  And if that's not enough, mark your calendar for September 1st when all Dude Time Doodles' Halloween images go on sale for 50% off!

Your next stop is 
Ginny, s
o off with you, but be careful along the way. Enjoy the crawl, I'm heading over to get some possum' on a stick and listen to the Jug Band. 

Margaret Mary McDuff

When Margaret Mary McDuff of Just Inklined, was born, her parents believed deep in their hearts that when she was old enough, she would become a nun and named her appropriately. True to form, all good plans of mice and men go awry and instead, she became the life of the party, celebrated at every nightclub and disco-bar in three counties. Unfortunately, Margaret Mary's age has taken its toll and now her back goes out more than she does!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bath Time

Marlene's Marvels' will be providing you with inspiration for the challenge, Waterworks, that starts today at Squigglefly. You might use watercolors, water splashes, or water themed images to name a few ideas. To play along, I used Bath Night by Teresa Ward available at Squigglefly.  Come on, play along, if you don't play, you cannot win!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy, busy

Busy, busy NOT!  I mowed the grass so . . . now I'm lazy again! Simple notecard for a gentleman using a $1 stamp.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blue Thank You

It's the weekend so naturally, I am being lazy.  I hope you are having a lazy day too.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Send a Smile for Kids

The newest challenge at Stamping with the Dragon is a card drive Send a Smile for Kids either a holiday card or a birthday card, sponsored by Stamping Dragon Designs.

Send A Smile 4 Kids is a charitable blog created for the purpose of collecting donated handmade cards to be distributed to children while they are inpatient at Children’s Hospitals. Currently we are donating them to the Children’s Hospitals in Neenah and Milwaukee, WI.  On any given day, there are 50-60 children inpatient in these hospitals so we would love to receive as many cards as you can send to cheer them and their families. The kids may also use your cards as Thank You Notes to the nurses and doctors and others.  Any kid's cards are welcome including: birthday, holidays (not religious specific please) and happy anyday cards.  

There will be 2 prizes.  The first one will be for a holiday theme other than birthday.  And in honor of our chief, Janette's birthday, the second prize will be for a birthday card.  Each winner will receive 4 images of their choice.

Please follow the guidelines from Send a Smile for Kids when making a card ........

-All cards must be handmade - no computer card-making programs please, such as Hallmark, etc. and no store bought cards.

-All cards should be made specifically for children ages 0-19.

-Please use loose glitter sparingly (make sure to shake off excess), stickles or glimmer mists are a great alternatives to regular shake-on glitter

Happy Birthday Janette
-Small embellishments such as brads, buttons, googly eyes should not be used on cards intended for very young children (choking hazard). 
-Please leave cards completely blank on the inside so the nurses and staff can write messages to the patient and their family. If there is something on the inside of your card, we can cover it with a blank inside piece or you can. 
-Keep the cards upbeat (no "sorry you're sick", "get well soon", etc.), these cards are intended to take the focus off of the hospital and just be a cheery holiday, birthday or any day greeting.
-If you are able to, please include envelopes, especially if your cards are not the standard A2 size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2). If you cannot provide envelopes, you can still send cards and we will provide envelopes where needed.
-The hospitals ask that we not include religious symbols or themes in the cards. Many families have many different faiths and beliefs and the hospital staff is not always aware of what faith a child is. 

-About Donations Thank you for your support of SAS4Kids! We do have expenses such as envelopes, shipping and blog costs and if you would consider donating a check to help with those expenses, it would be greatly appreciated. You may send with or without a donation of cards.
Please send your check and/or donated cards to: SAS4Kids, C/O Karen Hasheck, 5507 Hickory St., Schofield, WI 54476. Please include an email address or snail mail address so we can acknowledge your gift.
-Please include an email address and your name or a snail mail address so we can acknowledge your gift of cards or monetary donation.

Other than that let your creativity run wild and put some smiles on those little faces!! You may sign or stamp the back of your cards if you wish. All cards received will be labeled "Send A Smile 4 Kids" on the back.

Thank you again! We can't wait to see what you send us for our kids!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turbo 3000

I know I'm rushing things but I do love Halloween probably because it's a silly time of the year. When we were kids, trick or treating took place over several days and I was always itching to get out for more candy. What made it more enchanting was that one very strict rule we all lived by was that we had to be home when the street lights came on - - except at Halloween. There were an abundance of witches ringing doorbells but never once, not one time, did I see a witch riding a broom such as the witch riding Just Inklined's Turbo 3000. For the sake of her cat, I hope she finds the brake before she goes to high in the galaxy and can't get back.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

R U Ready?

Are you ready for some football? I'm not but I know my family and friends are and so is Armchair Arnie from Bonibleaux Designs. Arnie has been practicing for the first kickoff all summer by relaxing in his recliner. drinking beer and eating popcorn. As expected, Arnie's wife is not happy and her payback plan is when a game is on, she will go shopping and spend his entire paycheck. I say, you go girl!

Armchair Arnie is my inspiration to get you to participate in this month's inspiration challenge at Dude Time Doodles. Below is the picture inspiration and to mix it up a little, it needs to be Sports Themed. Come on, you might be the one to score!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chick Magnet

Tomorrow is my youngest's son's birthday. Since he is not married, I decided with the help of the handsome and debonair, Chick Saunders from Bonnibleaux Designs, and a couple of chickens, I would make a birthday card for a real live chick magnet. In case you are wondering, my son does not have white hair, a goatee or mustache and he only wears a baseball cap. Happy birthday son!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cats hairs and Three Cat Pile-Up

Besides a barrel of monkeys (did anyone ever see a barrel of monkeys?), is there anything funnier to watch than a litter of kittens? I think Crissy Armstrong from Squigglefly captured their frolicking fun when she created Three Cat Pile-Up and I think it is a perfect compliment to Jess Holland's newly released sentiment, Cat Hairs.

Heather's Headliners' has taken the spotlight to provide inspiration to temp you to join Squigglefly's new challenge, Touchy-Touchy. It's an easy challenge, just use texture in your creation. I have an assortment of texture on my card, flocking, embossing, yarn, pom-poms and a little mouse. I tried to fit the kitchen sink on the card too but I was concerned that it might leak and you know how cats hate water!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simple Sunday

It's another lazy Sunday and that calls for something simple and pretty.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Special Package

My wonderful friend Marlene has another new image and sentiment being released today at Squigglefly. Even though I am not part of the Barbie generation, I found myself coloring "Special Package" like Ken.

My generation played with Ginny Dolls, an eight inch doll named after the daughter of Vogue Doll Company's founder, Jennie Graves of Somerville, Massachusetts. There was no counterpart for Ginny such as Ken or GI-Joe because way back when, boys were busy playing cowboys and indians.

So how did Ken get into the image you ask? Simple, I have three daughters that doted on Ken.

In case you are wondering, I still have my Ginny doll, her wardrobe and her bunk bed, stored in my attic waiting for my children to toss when they put me in the old folks home.  Gee, I hope they look for the MONEY before they start tossing!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi-ho, the derry-o

And the mouse takes the cheese
The mouse takes the cheese
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The mouse takes the cheese!

This cute little mouse, Cheese Please is from Stamping with the Dragon, and she has a bellyache from consuming too much cheese. If I fancied mice, I probably would really like this card, good thing I like cheese! I sure hope you don't leave here singing any particular song. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garter and Bow

I recently attended an engagement party for two young friends of mine. I decided that Garter and Bow from Just Inklined was perfect for the occasion and set about coloring it and placing it on embossed cardstock. Simple but elegant.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gavin Ghost

Don't you just love a good haunting? I'm not ready to make Christmas cards just yet but I am raring to get started on Halloween cards. With the help of Bonibleaux Designs', Gavin Ghost, the freebie for this month's Guest Designer/Freebie Challenge available for a limited time at Dude Time Doodles, I am launching my Halloween cards. In Gavin's former life, he was a locksmith and even in his present state, he is still searching for the one that holds the key to success. He's still a schemer even though now he is only a glow.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


While visiting my friend and teammate Lynn's blog yesterday, she posted a new Stamp R Us Challenge, Encore Presentations. To enter use a card you had previously posted on your blog or in a gallery (no back linking) and the winner will be invited to be a guest designer for a future challenge.  I thought it was a great chance to revisit Cinderella that I purchased from Mo's Digital Pencil in August of 2009 when I was a newbie to the digital art world and copics. In fact, I didn't even have a blog until March 2010 and I posted this card shortly thereafter on March 15.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Button Blowout

It's Marlene's Marvels' turn to deliver inspiration for the new challenge that starts today at Squigglefly.  The challenge is Button Blowout and to play along, use real or chipboard buttons on your creation. If you incorporate a bow, kudos to you!

To play along, I used another one of Diane Carubia's sweet images, Dog Walking Suzie, available at Squigglefly. After coloring the image, I added some paper piecing and buttons!  If you do not have a Squigglefly image there are many freebies available here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


It's Sunday and I'm being lazy. What's different about today from any other day that I feel lazy? Absolutely nothing!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Simple Elegance

Regardless how hard I tried to capture the beauty of this card, the photograph does not do it justice. You cannot see the richness of the Incandescent Nero that I embossed with gold and cut into panels. Each piece was adhered to Gold Pearl Linen cardstock but the lens of the camera could not catch its elegance. The card is exquisite and so simple, stamp, tape and PaperTemptress cardstock.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Twenties Christmas

Would you believe this is the second card I have ready for mailing come Christmas! Truthfully, I wouldn't have two done if it weren't for challenges. Stamping with the Dragon is starting a new challenge to create a Christmas card using red, green and white. The winner will receive SIX images of their choice from the Stamping Dragons Designs' new Christmas images and as an inspiration, I used Twenties Christmas. For more incentive, please visit the blogs of my teammates.

If you are not ready to make Christmas cards, Janette is holding a special Second Blogoversary Celebration. Click here for all the details.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flossie Congrats

On Saturday, I am very pleased to be attending a party to help celebrate fifty-five years of wedded bliss of an exceptionally sweet couple. I used Flossie Congrats from Just Inklined to create a card that I think is ideal for the occasion and perfect for two people that deserve all the best!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stylin' Stew

Stylin' Stew by Bonibleaux Designs is the hairdresser to the stars, stars of the zoo that is! Stew can usually be found in the large mammals' domain for two reasons. First, mammals have hair and fur and secondly, because of their size, they require more time giving him extra billable hours. Elephants and giraffes have caused him problems in the past after falling from the very tall ladder required to reach their heads, but he has learned to always engage their brakes and put them in neutral so they stand still. The zebras are probably the most finicky of the bunch inasmuch as gray hairs show themselves amongst the black and white ones necessitating touching up. Trust me, no one wants to be around a zebra when their zigs' zag. Stylin' Stew loves working with the orangutans because more often than not, they want the full treatment, facial, hair, manicure, pedicure, make-up and yes, a drop of perfume behind each ear and that means money! And you thought these animals were natural beauties.

Stylin' Stew is my inspiration to entice you into joining Dude Time Doodles sketch challenge that starts today. The sketch is easy so unless you have a very good excuse, I'll see you at Dude Time Doodles' sketch challenge!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vellum Challenge

Our blog group, Tangled Up in Creativity, has monthly challenges and it's my turn to challenge my online friends to use vellum on their creations. I have created another pocket card as my inspiration. I love the elegance that vellum brings. So there's your challenge!
Pocket with Sentiment
Completed Card

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sitting Pretty

Heather's Headliners teamed up to bring you inspirations for the new challenge, Handwriting Accents,  at Squigglefly that starts today. I used Diane Carubia's, Sitting Pretty image from Squigglefly for my card. Join the fun, you don't have to use a Squigglefly image but to qualify for the prize you do.  There are plenty of freebies available at Squigglefly!

Gee Up Neddy

Wow, can you believe it's the first day of August and since it is Monday, that means it's time for Just Inklined's Blog Hop.  Our host for the hop is the very talented Karen and the theme is CHECK IT OUT, checks as in squares that is.  If you have arrived from Jak's blog, you are on the right track. And speaking of tracks, I absolutely could not resist Just Inklined's newly released Gee Up Neddy from the moment I saw him.  He made me laugh probably because I am so easily sidetracked from my goal, even when I'm ahead, somehow I never finish. 

Maybe if Gee Up Neddy's jockey had whispered in his ear -- roses are red, violets are blue, horses that lose are made into glue -- Gee Up would have waited until he crossed the finish line for a nibble.
Time for you to hop and see what the incredibly talented Toni has created to inspire you. If you get lost, the hop order is listed below but be sure to visit each member of the design team and leave a comment. Two of us will give the image we used to a lucky commenter, so good luck and enjoy!
Tammy (that's me)