Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a Thrill

Sunday, Xena, Rozie and I marked a three-week anniversary without much change. As Xena adjusts to everyday sounds inside, being outside is still terrorizing for her. The sounds of birds yacking, someone shutting their car door, kids on skateboards or bouncing a ball send her into a frenzy. But we continue to press on. Last evening Xena had a real breakthrough that I am excited about. Rozie and I were down at the end of the yard and Xena was at the backdoor doing her circle dance begging to go in and Rozie barked. Rozie's barking has not been something that Xena has responded to but last night, she decided she needed to investigate and ran from the backdoor to Rozie and stood beside Rozie with her tail wagging and watched Gert the groundhog meander across the neighbor's yard. What a joyful event, Xena acting like a dog!


  1. Hi Tammy! I have a rescue Golden Retriever and just saw your post. I can relate. I have rescued 2 Goldens and will email you.



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