Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cherry on Top

My mother was an excellent pie baker. Cherry pie was my favorite. Every 4th of July my mother and dad would find an orchard and pick enough sour cherries to last us through the winter months. My father was quite the kidder and he would tell us not to eat the pie because mom put soap powder in it anticipating that he would get an extra piece. But my brother and I ate it nevertheless. I was nearly an adult when I learned that soap was not an ingredient used to make a pie.

I can't give you a pie but I can give you a cherry on top!


  1. Wonderful story just made me smile :), great card, love how you paper pieced the cherry's

  2. cute card ... cherry pie is my favorite

  3. Very cute Tammy. Love those little cheeries.

  4. Wonderful memories Tammy. Love what you did with the cherries to make them prominent on your card

  5. Lovely story to go with your lovely card!


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