Friday, June 18, 2010

Pear Tree

On the third weekend of each month, the trash company picks up yard debris that township residents put in big yellow cans and placed at the curb. I have a pear tree (absolutely I put a partridge in it at Christmas time) that had branches dangerously close to violating the township's law of being five feet above the sidewalk. My son, John, and I pruned the tree in conformity with the law and now I must gather the branches and tie them into bundles. Do you think the township would prefer them tied with checkered or plain ribbon?


  1. lol...only a true crafter would think of that! Perhaps a thank you card to go with the bundles would also be nice!

  2. Oh so cute, Tammy! Do they REALLY make you tie them in bundles???

  3. I think they would get a big kick out of it!!

    What a pretty card, Tammy!!

  4. humm... I think I would go with checked ribbon but then I have a ton lol
    Cute card!

  5. sounds good to me :). This is a great card.


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