Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mother Nature

Yesterday I witnessed Mother Nature at work. I was at Barb's house and we saw a mommy bunny on the pool deck and when she saw us, she ran off, exactly what you would expect a bunny to do. Max, one of Barb's dogs, started to follow the bunny and stopped and was about to put something in his mouth when Barb told him to leave it and he did, very impressive. Then we saw what he was after, a dead baby bunny. Barb went to get something to put it in and I walked over to it and saw that it was not dead, in fact, it had just been born, the placenta still intact. Barb and I took off for high ground hoping that mommy bunny would return and take the newborn to her nest. We sat some distance away and waited. After a while, two more bunnies came out, maybe one was daddy and the other a maiden aunt but no mommy bunny. We decided to let Mother Nature take its course and we went into the house. When it was time to leave, I couldn't resist going to where the baby had been born and, happily, it was gone. I looked up and saw mommy bunny on the other side of the fence contentedly washing her paws. What a good mommy. 


  1. Nature is so glorious. What a fabulously cute card representing what you witnessed.

  2. the colours you chose!

  3. My son and his family just moved to a new home on the edge of town. My granddaughters are delighted that bunnies visit their front yard daily!

    What a sweet card!! Love the bunny tags!

  4. What a sweet card! Wonderful story you shared with us!

  5. What a wonderful event!
    And such a cute, cute, card, Tammy.

  6. Inspiration is truly all around us, we only have to look! Thanks for sharing your story. I love your interpretation into a card.


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