Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mixed Feelings

I think I need to send myself a sympathy card. Although I cannot be positive, I believe our friend, Gert the Groundhog, met its demise on a road a short distance from our home. I have mixed feelings about Gert not being around anymore. I won't have to worry about an actual confrontation with my K-9 girls or holes dug under and around the front porch, but I think, living in close proximity to the groundhog and giving it a name somehow made it part of the family. After all, Gert provided entertainment for me and excitement for Rozie and it did give me one sweet, sweet moment to see Xena act like a dog. 


  1. So sad, Tammy! I always hate to see any type of animinal die.

  2. My thoughts go out to you. Loosing an animal that you have made a part of the family (even though Gertie didn't live with you) is tough.


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