Thursday, June 3, 2010

Droopy Ears

Xena made her first trip to our vet yesterday and did rather well. When I got Xena, they told me not to separate Xena from her mentor dog, Rozie, but because it was 87 degrees and my fear of being unable to handle two dogs in the event that Xena would decide to go up the walls to escape, I decided to go against this advice and left Rozie at home. Xena got in and out of the car without protest and flattened herself to the floor staying there for the duration. The appointment was a "well-puppy" visit and to get a prescription for valium to help her through thunderstorms. Instead, we left with a prescription for a yeast infection in her ears, Golden Retrievers are prone to ear infections because their ears droop preventing air circulation. The vet nixed valium and opted for a medication that is not a narcotic or an anti-depressant, but was developed for dogs exhibiting nervousness or stress as a result of the environment -- in other words, just for Xena. She has had two doses and I must say, she is a little less skittish. Right now, she is sleeping in the middle of the floor without the protection of something over her head or against her sides, a totally new experience. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this medication is going to help Xena master the art of being a dog and loving it.


  1. I do hope Xena will be fine.. Love this card this morning, this dog and the papers are fabulous together.

  2. Hope Xena is better soon! LOVE this card Tammy.....where in the world did you find such a cute image? Precious. Also like your choice of patterned paper. It's funny, I just got through making a black and white card yesterday - but instead of adding red, I added yellow! (I didn't have a cute puppy on mine though! SIGH!)

  3. Cute card...glad to hear Xena is doing better.

  4. How lucky that Xena has you taking such wonderful care of her and helping her adjust!

    This dog image is one of the cutest ever!! What a delightful card!!

  5. Adorable card!

    I hope Xena will be ok, at least she has someone to provide such great care for her.

  6. I just love this card! Tammy this is just adorable! I have to say that I am a dog lover - only a dog lover would take such good care of your "skittish" pupppy! Your dog stories make me laugh b/c I didn't think there were other puppies out there with such a cute personalit -besides my puppy that is!


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