Saturday, September 10, 2011

Worry, worry!

What a week we've had in Harrisburg! Thanks to a tropical storm that dumped over 15 inches of rain in a couple of days, the beautiful and mighty Susquehanna River couldn't help but overflow its banks causing severe flooding, power outages, and people being evacuated to safety.  Thankfully, the extra rain that was predicted did not make it so the river crested at 25.2 feet instead of 29 feet, unfortunately flood stage is 17 feet. So today's card is very appropriate for Harrisburg and thanks to my creative friend Marlene and her wonderful freebies, I can share relevant words of wisdom with you! 


  1. Tammy I hope that everything is now drying out. Living as we do with floods on a regular basis in our area I know first hand the heartbreak that they cause.
    Your card is very apt for you today.
    I hope you can say - Don't worry be happy very soon!

  2. Hi Tammy hope everything settles down for you all and that these littl fella's return to where they are meant to be, thinking of you
    Hugs Kate x

  3. So glad you made it through the storm, and hopefully you don't have too much damage. Keep on smiling!
    Joyce xx

  4. LOL! This will keep me smiling all day long! LOVE IT!
    Glad you're ok and haven't floated down river.

  5. Love this fabulous sentiment!! And what could be more perfect with it than this fat frog!! Sensational work, Tammy!!

    Prayers for those affected by flooding waters!!

  6. Did the flooding get your home Tammy? I have been thinking about you and Marlene.

    Absolutley adore this card. When I saw it on Marlene's blog I knew I would have to grab it and do something with it. Don't think I can top yours for sure!

  7. Love it Tammy! I hope the weather has stayed fair & your flood threat is abating!
    Dawn xxx

  8. Sorry to hear about the weather, I hope you are okay, Tammy! But I see it has not affected your sense of humour:-) I love your card, brilliant sentiment and the colours are fantastic! Hugs Delphine xx

  9. Haaaaa! Wonderful colors and the image is hilarious!

  10. Oh, you rock, girlfriend! Mr. Froggy has never looked better. What an adorable card you created with him!

    Thanks for the shout out, too. :)

    I am glad you are safe...though I feel terribly for those affected badly by this flooding. We were fortunate - nothing came close to us.

  11. OMG. this is sooooooo cute and funny! I LOVE it hilarious! What a great card. sooo creative and colorful!!
    Great card Tammy


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