Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have a situation that has me scratching my head in contemplation. My online hero, Marlene of "Disguised as a Grown Up", bestowed upon me the "My Blog has Attitude" award. This is very nice, and I have received other awards from online friends that I cherish and are proudly displayed on my desktop but required no exertion from me. However, this one I must work for, and since I hold her in such high esteem, (honest the $5.00 gift certificate for Digis With Attitude has nothing to do with it) I would hate to disappoint her.  In order to receive the gift certificate (not that that is my priority, I'm just trying to please), I must tell you three things that separate me from everyone else. What??? I have two ears, two eyes, and everything else located exactly where they are suppose to be (my mother planet research earthlings throughly before we were sent). I can't image what those three things might be. You already know I have five children, five grandchildren, love my golden retrievers (or any dog for that matter), have wonderful friends and I am obsessed with creating cards. So I need you, my loyal wonderful readers, to tell me what you are wondering about me and I will share my prize with the person who has the most interesting questions that can be answered in public. Now, before you start throwing queries, lets get some things out of the way, I use one-ply toilet paper, I wear duct tape instead of a bra, I recycle, I am not a vegetarian and I drive like an old lady. So give me a question please (not that I want the prize) so I can please Marlene!

Now with that said, let's move on to today's card which I created using an image from Stampin Dragons Designs that I absolutely love, such a sweet expression on this puppy's face. Just to be honest, it is paper pieced and I am so pleased with the results.  Speaking of Stampin Dragons Designs, wait until you see the eye candy that the design team has to show you next week when the new releases are revealed. For now, please visit their blogs, using the links on my sidebar.


  1. Wow! You have a big Dilemma here. Can't help you LOL. But... your card are very cute.
    Hugs, Nataliya.

  2. Hi Tammy:
    You have such a wide variety of cards. What technique do you like to work with the best? Copics, PrismaColor Pencils, Cricut, embossing folders, rubber/acrylic stamps...

  3. You do have a dilemma, and I for sure do not have a question.
    That sure is an adorable card.

  4. oh dear I hate delemma's but cannot help you sorry, but the card is super cute and love the image, have a great weekend hun
    Hugs Kate xx

  5. Gorgeous card sorry can't help with the questions I had enough problems thinking of my own lol!

  6. Fab card hun. Lol at the duct tape! Can't help you out with the ??'s either!

  7. Adorable card Tammy! Duct tape? OUCH!!! Good luck Figuring out your 3 things. Sorry, can't help. I gotta think of mine! ~jeni :)

  8. What a dilemma you have!!!! Um......
    Don't really have a question but LOVE your little "puppy" card! So cute.

  9. LOL!!! Come on, you must be able to list three things off the top of your

    a) Do you pick your nose?

    b) Do you eat your boogers?

    c) Do you flick them?

    Ha ha ha....come on girl - get off your arse and answer those questions already!

    P.S. Thank you for the sweet, kind words. Aren't I wonderful....thanking you with booger questions? (You can pay me later...*snicker snicker snort snort*)

    Love the card, by the way....there was a card in there, right!?

    KIDDING KIDDING!!! I do love the card!

  10. How did your crafting adventure begin?

    Wonderful work with this delightful image!! Great card, Tammy!!

  11. What an adorable card Tammy! I love it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Sweet card! I'd love to know what made you start using duct tape? :)

  13. LMBO at your post. How about
    1. Do you dye your hair?
    2. Do you prefer Beer or Wine? Oh wait I know that answer, but heehee maybe others don't.
    3. Do you wear bikinis or briefs..lmbo
    Ok I'll stop. I have to go back and look at your card now..I forgot to look. hahahhaha

  14. Wow! Love the paper piecing! Perfect colors for a baby card!


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