Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank You Rozie

My poor dear Rozie is still suffering from the loss of her pack but she is waiting patiently for Xena to realize she is a dog and play. Normally, Rozie is a silly golden but since she has taken on the role of top alpha she is more solemn. When we are outside she assumes the role of protector lest a rabbit or other wildlife should appear. Last evening she had one of those moments when protecting me was priority. She assumed a frozen position, head down and hind legs trembling. My first thought was that the tree toad was back from the other side of the fence where I put him the last time. I moved slowly so as not to disturb our visitor and when I saw what she was fixed on I laugh out loud. Rozie, all by her sweet self, had cornered a clump of grass! So thank you Rozie, you make me feel very safe and secure.


  1. She sounds like a fabulous dog..Love this card.

  2. LOL!! Grass can be very scary, ya know! :)

    Love the card! Very pretty!

  3. Precious story! Isn't it amazing what they can "zero in" on.
    Also another beautiful card, Tammy. So pretty.

  4. Beautiful card - so elegant!

  5. What a wonderful dog!!

    Beautiful card, too, Tammy!!

  6. Hehe, such a sweet story.

    Your card is very elegant and pretty.


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