Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tip for the Day

Yesterday brought some uninvited stress into my life when I learned that my email address book had been compromised by a jerk selling viagra. For the most part, my address book contains email addresses of friends who know me well enough to know that I do not sell drugs but, there are several addresses of business associates that might consider the intrusive emails as legitimately being sent by me. As soon as I became aware of the situation, I contacted my internet carrier and a fix was implemented. Interestingly, when I looked in my “sent” box there were fifty plus emails that had been sent not by me but by someone who probably does not live in this country. So, my tip for the day is to keep an eye on your “sent” box. Don’t wait for an angry email telling you to stop sending emails. Ugh! How embarrassing. If by chance you are the recipient of one or more of these emails, I apologize.

Today’s card excludes stress just good wishes.


  1. Gorgeous card even under duress :).

  2. Sorry to hear about that...your card is lovely!


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