Sunday, May 2, 2010

Banner Days

I’ve been so busy, I feel like I have been neglecting my blogger friends the past few days. On Friday I went with my friend, Barb, the Master Gardener, to a nursery and greenhouse in Shippensburg. We had a great time and we only got lost twice. Our nice lunch that we were planning turned into take-out at Mickey-D’s. No matter, we had a wonderful time and Barb certainly was in her element with all the plants, trees and scrubs they had to offer. I managed to limit my purchase to nine plants. Yesterday I spent with another dear friend, Betsy, finding good buys at yard-sales and then I rounded out the day with three of my children and their families. It was a banner day. Today, I must crack-down and get something done around the homestead unless, of course, someone calls and says “let’s go”!

The card I am sharing with you is my paper version of a flower trellis, I thought I better tell you in case you don’t see what I see.


  1. Ooooo I see it! I love the colours you chose...great card!

  2. I see it too! Great card and the colors are so pretty together.

  3. The colors are fantastic...very bold yet incredibly beautiful.

  4. Beautiful card Tammy! I see what you see...very creative!!
    I wanted to also thank you for all your help with my "COPICS Issues!" I finally placed my order today...hopefully 32 will get me started!

  5. Really pretty, Tammy!!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous day!!


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