Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Less is More

The expression “less is more” is a good definition for today’s card, very simple and right to the point. To me, white combined with one other color is always appealing,
"elegantish” as my mother would say.

Now for the good news, my lost-boy has been reunited with his family. I turned him over to the police on Saturday and he was their guest in their luxury suites until Monday when the officer from the SPCA transported him to their facilities. On Tuesday, the SPCA officer returned to the police department to pick up another stray dog and he informed my friend, Kathy, who works for the police department, that the dog had been returned to his family on Monday evening. I love happy endings.


  1. Wonderful news - and what a wonderful card, yes less can be fabulous.

  2. That is good news...lovely card too!

  3. Beautiful card, Tammy....I'm like you, sometimes less IS more. Also, wonderful news about the pup!!! I love happy endings.


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