Monday, September 6, 2010

The Smallest Act of Kindness

I consider myself to be a pleasant person and I enjoy doing frequent random acts of kindness. So today, I am going to do a significant act of kindness and reach out to all of you, my dear friends, and remind you that after today, absolutely, positively, under no circumstances, no, no, no, should you wear white shoes until the date on the 2011 calendar is Memorial Day!  This fashion law is not to impede your sense of fashion. Definitely not. It is for your safety. The purpose for this law (and there are white shoe patrols monitoring) is that when you are shoveling knee-deep snow, you do not mistake your tootsies for frozen white stuff and scoop them. So, again I say, be safe, NO WHITE SHOES until next Memorial Day. Now it's your turn to do a random act of kindness and tell your friends, and so on and so on.


  1. Thanks for the reminder :) and for sharing this lovely card!

  2. Cute card! Oh and coming from MN I really appreciate your helpful reminder about white shoes! So funny!

  3. Too funny, Tammy~
    There are so many other fashion law that people should pay attn to

    Your card is adorable! I love its layout!!

  4. Fabulous card!! What a great reminder of now white shoes after labor day :)

  5. Precious card and I dearly LOVE that blue bow!
    As for the white shoes....mercy, I thought I was the only one who knew that little tidbit!! HA!!!
    My daughter just laughs at me about that type of thing (but she doesn't wear the white shoes after today either!! LOL)

  6. I have run to the closet and stored them away for the season! Thanks for the reminder!!

    But here in Texas, we break them out again at Easter!!

    Love your pretty card, Tammy!!! I always get a smile when I visit your blog!!

  7. LOL Tammy! Too funny!! Here in SC I can wear white year round ;P

    Adorable card!

  8. Hahahaha! Lovely card Tammy. NO WHITE!-gotcha ~jeni

  9. Wonderful sentiment...the details onthis card are super neat. :)


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