Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mrs. Potts Teapot and Cup

Last evening my sweet wonderful son, Sam, and his beautiful wife, Kathy, came over with a surprise for me, a new kitchen faucet. What a relief from the horrible whistle the old faucet made. I do think the sound bothered my K-9 girls more then me. Since my home is 101 years old, nothing has ever been easy to repair or replace. Naturally, instead of taking 20 minutes to install the new faucet, it required a special trip to the hardware store for a new water valve. Sam turned off the water to the sink before he left. While waiting for Sam, Kathy looked at my box of cards and gave the card I am sharing with you a name. Thank goodness we were in the kitchen because shortly after he left I heard water running. Sure enough, the water was coming out of the water pipe at a pretty fast drip. Because of the small area, I squeezed under the sink with a cup and a bucket. Five buckets later and serious concern for Sam’s whereabouts, he returned. Poor dear took the wrong exit on the interstate.

So here is Kathy’s reminder of Disney’s Mrs. Potts Teapot and Cup.

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