Monday, March 29, 2010

Fishy, Fishy in the Sea

I was never a good student when I attended school. Recess, the bus ride and later, (or maybe not) the boys were my favorites. So it surprises me when I feel compelled to research images I use in my cards. Today is no different.

As either a child or an adult, most folks have shared their home with a variety of creatures such as these two goldfish swimming in their bowl. But did you know they have an amazing story that can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Goldfish are one of the earliest fish to be domesticated (who knew they could cook and clean) and that they are members of the carp family. In the best of conditions, a goldfish can grow to 23 inches, weigh in at 9.9 pounds and live as long as 40 years! Goldfish have a memory span of at least three months and over time, they learn to associate their owners with food and yes, beg! So there you have it, enjoy the card.


  1. I love the fish in the bowl...too cute and they made me smile!

  2. What a fun card!! Cute goldfish and fabulous sentiment!!

  3. This is so sweet!

    I have a lonely goldfish at the moment. I need to get him a little friend to swim around with. He had one, but she jumped out of the tank! There is now netting over it so he can't do the same.

  4. I love this!! These guys are just adorable.


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