Monday, March 15, 2010

Dirt Be Gone!

I have four absolutely beautiful granddaughters, Shauntelle, Chelsea, Graci and Kayla. Shauntelle is a college student, Chelsea is a high school senior, and Graci and Kayla are four-year old twins. Graci and Kayla are about as opposite as you can get but, they both love to help regardless of the task, even being my spotters, and very good spotters, when I do my “labor of love” – picking up the love droppings the goldens leave in the yard. The twins have their very own set of lime green work gloves, too cute! I have small brooms, leftover from when their mamma, Aunt Johnna and Aunt Alecia, were little girls they like to use. I don’t think any of the girls ever got this dirty, at least not sweeping my house; nevertheless, the card does remind me of them.

Thanks for looking.

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