Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. Big Butt

I know, I know, never feed a stray cat if you do not want it to come back. That's all well and good if the cat seems to be in good shape and maybe just lost and trying to find its way home but when I see the same cat day after day, obviously starving, I cannot help myself and throw caution to the wind and buy a bag of cat food and give it a name. Mr. Big Butts just so happens to be one of those cats. I resisted as long as I could and finally gave in and now I look forward to his daily visit. No kind deed goes unrewarded and although I still have mice, leaving Mr. Big Butt some kibble everyday has also brought to my front porch one bluejay and three crows. Its great fun to watch the three crows try to sneak the food, after all, if it's not stolen, it is not worthwhile. The crows prefer to sneak up one by one and steal a morsel and then take off only to come back a few minutes later for more. One of the crows is obviously a male because he always struts his "stuff", puffing himself up to impressed the ladies, and then steals the food. The three crows are never too far away, they like to land on the other side of the porch and slink to where the food is but when the bluejay arrives, they all take a step back, as if in respect or fear.

The image is a freebie from Beccy's Place and below is a picture of Mr. Big Butts himself. On the other hand, it might be Ms. Big Butts and I will have to buy more cat food! Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but they were taken through two doors.


  1. LOL. that cat looks HUGE!!! holy moly!!!

    Well, i think that's great that you fed shim (she-him).
    Poor kitty!!!

    OH yea.... and the card. Cute image.... matches Mr. Big Butt.

  2. His name is well deserved :). Your card is just adorable.

  3. I certainly can not watch an animal be hungry neither Tammy. Good on you for caring. You should see what we grow just to share with the local wildlife.

  4. now that title caught my eye, gorgeous creation and love the photo's of Mr Big Butts
    Hugs Kate xx

  5. now I've got not one, but two songs going through my head - Mr. Big Butt sung to the tune of Mr. Big Stuff, and I Like Big Butts...

    This is really cute Tammy.

  6. What a beautiful cat! Love your card too - will definitely have to get that image and send to my mom - she has 2 Mr. Big Butts (both weighing ove 20 lbs)

  7. Fab card and Mr/Mrs Big Butt is beauty. x

  8. WoAh!!! That's a big kitty! What ever my kitty doesn't eat, the squirrels get. They act all sneaky like we don't see them coming up on the porch. Then of course my pooch goes to the glass door and scares the poop out of them. Hahahaha!
    Fabby card and beautiful shading! ~jeni :)

  9. Love your card Tammy - very nice coloring and that image also has a big butt!!!
    So glad you decided to fee Mr. Big Butts and I'm sure he (or she) is one happy cat now.

  10. Love your story about Mr. Big Butts. My DH calls our granddaughter's beagle, Snickers "Fatso". Poor thing wouldn't be so fat if Papa hadn't fed her all the time.

    Oh yeah, your card - almost forgot. LOL Looks devine dahling. Mr. Big Butts looked like he swallowed the entire fish bowl!


  11. Fabulous Card my cat Jester could pass as Mr Big Butts. I also loved sharing your enjoyment of the little things in life reading your post today. I too appreciate being able to sit back and watch the antics of the small visitors to our home.

  12. LOL you cracked me up! I have had a nice visit to your blog today! Smiling from ear to ear. Cute card and I love Mr. Big Butt...I have a weakness for cats!


  13. You probably already know this, but your little visitor is a SHE since all torties are female....so she's really MRS. Big Butt. If you keep feeding her, she'll also soon be Mrs. Big Gut. Ha ha ha, I slay myself.

    Fabby card, Miss Tammy!


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